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watch the full film in its galactic online premiere

In the aftermath of a deep space collision, a lone astronaut fights for survival. But to repair his critically damaged ship, he must cross through the malfunctioning Virtual Reality chamber. Therein lurk ghosts of a life left behind on Earth, and questions about the true nature of his secret mission.


Hand wrought from modeling clay, cardboard, and cloth-- stitched from over 13,000 posed photographs-- produced over the span of five years-- DESTINATION: UNKNOWN is a labor of love from Director Ethan Wellin.


D:U recieved "Best Animated Film" Accolades at the Catalina Film Fest, the North Hollywood Cinefest, and Midwest Horror Fest. It screened in competition at the Oscar Qualifying Florida Film Festival, at Festival Stop Motion Montreal, and delighted festival audiences throughout North America.


Destination: Unknown features original music by Kevin Hutchens, sound design by Ron Hill, and vocal performances by Mike Vaughn, Ryan Bartley, Kiyo McGann, and Kayli Mills.

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