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     In 1997, two gruesome child murders shook the small town of Jubeliene. The killer was never caught. Damaged loner Myra Abernathy-- older sister to the first victim—- is still running from that tragic past. But when a secret recording links the “accidental” death of Myra’s father to the events of 1997, she cannot run any longer. Two Dead Girls in Jubeliene is a tale of guilt, family trauma, and the hunt for a notorious killer.

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Two Dead Girls in Jubeliene is a suspense-driven full-cast audio experience—- much like an old radio play. It is told across twelve half-hour episodes rife with plot twists and cliff-hangers. It is a mystery that will appeal to lovers of paperback crime novels, true-crime TV, and stories of families striving to make themselves whole. “Jubeliene” is coming in 2022.


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